Monday, March 28, 2011

EKATVA show piece: Chandalika

One of the pivotal struggles of humanity dating back to the ancient past all the way to the present that continues to exist in one form or another is prejudice, judgment, and intolerance. An unfortunate human plight that Gandhiji labeled as the ‘curse of untouchability’.  In 1933 Rabindranath Tagore wrote a story, Chandalika, about an untouchable girl who was ostracized by society and eventually brought to climactic inner-space of freedom and a feeling of equality by a Buddhist monk who accepted her as his own. The story of Chandalika, interepreted and choreographed by Mallika Didi and Darpana Academy, was taught to our children for the EKATVA show.

They actually performed this same piece in 2002 for the EKTA show which Manav Sadhna and Darpana toured in America.

Above and below are glimpses of the kids rehearsing Chandalika.


  1. Awesome...seeing these pics transports us back to Ahmedabad. Can't wait to see your show in U.S

  2. chandalika is one of the most inspiring stories, and embodies 'ekatva' like no other. great to see it's being included in the show!

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