Monday, June 4, 2012

Learning to Give from Chandani

We had a wonderful, close-knit interaction with our Manav Sadhna family at Stanford University the other day. While we sat in a circle, we asked the children to introduce themselves and mention their favorite part of the tour so far. Many of the children said the Statue of Liberty or the Golden Gate Bridge, but what truly touched my heart was what 13 year old, Chandani said. She said it was the love she has experienced from all the volunteers and families that have opened up their homes for all 25 of us. While speaking with a karyakarta (staff that has dedicated their life in service) I heard an even more moving story about Chandani. A week ago, Chandani burst into tears after prayers and bhajans. When asked what had happened, she said she felt so overwhelmed that she was receiving so much love from all the people and felt sad that she was not doing anything to give back for all that she has received. It is truly an amazing story to hear this from a girl that lives in a very small home with a family of 5. Hearing about this incident has deeply touched my heart. I hope to remember it forever as it makes me realize how much more I have to give back.