Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Back From Break

Today was the first day back from break. Well really the kids have a two month vacation till the next school year...But we only gave our kids 10 days off...Back to the daily grind. 8am everyone reaches the Gandhi Ashram. 8:30am prayer starts. 9am Excercise. 945am practice and show rehearsals. This week we will start to focus on using props also in our practice so the kids start getting used to that. In a few weeks we will also need to start making use of Costume changes during practice. It was a good day of practice. Practice goes on until about 12pm. Remember it gets to about 110-115 degrees F by afternoon, so morning time, though still warm is at least not scorching :) After practice we had a wholesome and filling lunch that was cooked by our lovely Manav Sadhna cook, Kamaraben, who is sacrificing her 2-week vacation to help out :) After practice today, Deenaben held English class for the kids. And then we all headed back home. by 3pm.

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