Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Exploring the creative side!

While in Anand for Ekatva dance tour, one of our dear friends invited the kids to Flo Art Gallery to bring light to their creativity and teach them the art and craft of clay. We thought this was the best opportunity to involve our kids in activity that would help them develop skills using their senses; convey their emotions and ideas creating a beautiful experience. As we reached the studio, we observed the beauty in the warm and lush green ambiance featured by pond, palm trees and thatched huts. It was fun experience for kids to visit the gallery and have a glimpse of different art work displayed in form of sculptures and murals inspired by traditional Indian forms, pharaohs of ancient Egypt and wild tribes of Africa. After touring the gallery, kids enjoyed exploring their imagination, planning the color to paint their Ganesh idols made of clay. They experimented variety of colours in fun and interesting environment at the production studio behind the art gallery. Each one was engrossed in the process of painting and learning and within no time, the painting space started looking very artistic!
Deepest gratitude for all those who made the Anand Ekatva Show a super duper hit :))

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