Sunday, March 4, 2012

Ekatva Family Gathering :)

As the last leg of this beautiful journey takes its course, we gathered today, with our loving parents to discuss next year’s children’s education plans as well as the upcoming EKATVA tour to America and the UK. It has always been a blessing to have the parents so closely involved in the EKATVA journey. Even when we had our big Bombay show and tour, we brought the parents down to Bombay to be a part of the show and audience. And the pleasant surprise that we usually get in our Parents’ meetings is that most of the brothers and sisters show up as well. Almost 60 of us, one big family, got together, cleaned the Manav Sadhna prayer area, cooked food, did prayer together, ate together, cleaned dishes together, and then reflected on the past 2 year journey of our kids and discussed the upcoming EKATVA tour.

It’s all a blessing and all God’s work we are humbled to be a part of.


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