Saturday, January 8, 2011

The Case of the Stolen Slippers

Unfortunately, a few days back Vishal had his shoes accidentally taken or stolen at the Ashram. Either way, he had to walk home barefooted. And even though new slippers only cost about a dollar, his family is not in financial condition to get him a new pair right away. So the next day his older brother lends him his slippers when he comes to practice, but his older brother is then left barefooted for the day… So we plotted:
2 days ago, I gave Bharat 100 rupees to buy Vishal a new pair of slippers, which he got from the bazaar for 40 rupees. Bharat is to give the slippers to one of the kids in our group that also lives in the Shankarbhuvan slums and instruct them to anonymously put these new slippers at Vishal’s doorstep without anyone knowing. The plot ensues successfully and here is the discussion at dance practice about who knows how the slippers got to Vishal’s front doorstep and who doesn’t.
Most importantly, Vishal still doesn’t have a clue as to how those slippers got there (see for yourself).

So instead of being left without slippers, he’s left with gratitude that people care enough to give him new slippers, but not claim credit for giving it to him. Kind of like smile cards. And the discussion that ensued with the kids actually brought back the topic of smile cards from the other day when Aditi Didi, a Charity Focus volunteer from London, visited us and shared with the kids the story and meaning behind smile cards.
Oh, how the world works. And how goodness connects the world!

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