Saturday, January 1, 2011

Dharmaji Finds 1000 Rupees

Dharmaji spread ripples of hope, inspiration, and trust. During practice yesterday there was a group of foreigners from America that came to the ashram and were sitting nearby where we were practicing. After practice when everyone had left, Dharmaji and I were sitting down talking and then all of a sudden he pointed across the way and said “Hey, there’s a 1000 rupee note over there”. Amazingly enough, there was: 1000 rupees quietly sitting on the seat cushion diagonally across from us.
Now, considering Dharmaji’s life situation, 1000 rupees is a very big deal. For a middle class person in America, its equivalent to finding about $2500. Dharmaji’s family doesn’t really have a stable house setting, but are owners of 3 donkeys. He goes to school, but then spends his free time, manning the donkeys, feeding them, cleaning them and taking them to different places where they transport dirt for various people. These people will pay them 25-50 rupees for their use of the donkeys.
Dharmaji’s life, financial situation and family environment is not conducive to the development of virtuous habits and values, but his reaction to finding so much money, sheds a lot of light on the depth of his heart and mind. His story is small, but real and powerful. It’s a true reflection of EKATVA and the journey we are all trying to walk on.
Vishal, shared with us today, at our circle of sharing, that Dharmaji told him yesterday “the feeling of telling someone else about the lost money and finding the right owners, felt so much better than if I had kept it…it made me really happy!”.
Just Beautiful. Thank you Dharmaji for feed our hearts and souls.

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