Thursday, December 30, 2010

A Journalist, English Class and Late Night Theatre...Fun, Fun, Fun!

Today was a wonderful day.
First we had a chance to sit down and have a discussion with Minkashi ben, a journalist from the Ahmedabad Mirror (who also wrote this story on our close brother Uday Bhai). She was able to share insight with the kids on what it means to be a journalist and what the importance of news is.

She wanted to write a story on EKATVA, our show and the kids. However, I felt its too early in the process still. Maybe as we get closer to an actual production being in place, then it will feel more worthy to publicize, but until then, keep working, keep developing, keep growing.
After time with Minakshi we had English class with Kathleen Didi and Roshni Didi. They really put together great, fun, interactive classes (hats off!). After that we had wonderful kichdi and kudhi that Kamaraben made for us. Then all 20 of us piled in our Manav Sadhna Qualis and Bica Bhai took us to Darpana for the show. Three words: It was awesome!!!
Here are a few clips from the show itself.

After the show, Roshni, Kathleen and I dropped the Tekra kids back to their homes. Bharat, Kiran and Bica Bhai dropped off the rest of the kids to Shankarbhuvan, Jamaalpur and Ashramshalla. Because it got late, around 1030pmish, we had to go to each individual kids homes in each of the different slum areas and drop them literally to each over their doorsteps - as their mom's and dad's are eagerly waiting. An intricate late night process, but with everyone's help it is possible. And it is absolutely worth it, for the kids would never get this type of exposure in their lives otherwise.
Keep walking with love.

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