Tuesday, February 1, 2011

EKATVA Script Taking Life...

The experiment continues.
What’s the experiment?
What happens to a group of children if you use art, dance and music as a medium of connecting, and through time plants seeds of love and compassion. How do the children transform? How does their environment transform? How do their ripples spread locally, then globally? How do we, ourselves, change in the process?
We have spent a lot of the past year and months dedicated to planting seeds of values and compassion in our kids and in ourselves. All the while developing their raw skills, movement, rhythm, openness, and acting.
Finally the time has come to start working on the actual  EKATVA show. The script for the EKATVA show is starting to take shape.
Its been a long time in development. Trying to brainstorm and feel out what Oneness means to all of us.
There are a few themes that continue to stick with us that we are working on including:
Faith | Nature | Diversity | Unity | Greed and Fear |Interconnectivity between Man, Machine and Nature | Self Sustainability | Equality | Untouchability, Racism, Classism.
Here is a scene that Pappan Sir is working with the kids on taking the theme of Unity, Diversity, peace and conflict depicted through a famous Gujarati kite festival called “Uttaryan”.


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