Thursday, February 10, 2011

Love through Cards

The other day, we received news that Anandi-ba had been taken to the hospital for treatment after a car accident. She remained there for a few days. With Jagatbhai's help and love, we decided to create a card for her to share our spirit of love, prayers, and hope for her early recovery. We also wanted to convey to her our gratitude, that through her blessings and seeds, we are all here on the path that we are. Thank you and glad you are feeling better Anandi Ba.
-Your children

During this same time, there was one other person very close to our hearts that we also wanted to send a card to. Someone that none of us know, but we know she is a very loving human being going through difficult times, and we wanted to share our love and the spirit of the kids with her and her son.
Here is a snippet of an email from her:
“When I gave birth to my son in September, he was born with congenital heart defects. He has already had one heart surgery and will need several more…
 As you could understand, my priorities need to shift at this time, so I will be unable to keep shipping the [smile] cards, as there will be times when we are having long stays in hospital, and I wont be close by to my computer or the supplies.”
With deep love, hope, prayers and faith to you and your son Traci.
-The world's loving children

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  1. Yesterday I received this absolutely beautiful card, I was so happy I cried! Thank you to everyone who helped make this card for mt son Fletcher - it is something he will cherish when he is older. Thank you for your kindness and love!
    From my heart to yours,
    Traci xx