Sunday, February 27, 2011

Let the Passport Process Begin...

There are many challenges that we have and will continue to face along our journey. One of the larger challenges administratively speaking is obtaining passports and visas for the kids. As much time, energy, love, effort, money and resources we put behind this project, if we don’t get passports and visas, then we will not be able to tour the show and spread the love and spirit of ‘oneness’ abroad. But that won’t stop us from sharing the EKATVA show with the rest of India. And that wouldn’t hurt the journey with the kids that we are walking on, because our main focus has always been and will continue to be the small day-to-day experiences in building the children’s spirit.
So let’s see what God wishes. We have full-heartedly started the process of collecting all the kids’ legal documents and proof of birth and residence materials . Here are some photos of the administrative process in collecting information, getting things notarized, and discussing with parents further about the process.  
Will we get passports for our kids? Will we get visas for our kids? Will we be able to bring the EKATVA tour and spirit to the rest of the world?
Insha’Allah. (God Willing)

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