Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Compassionate Chefs Cafe

EKATVA,  a journey in Oneness.  If we step back and contemplate, if and how Oneness in this world could be possible, we realize it can only happen if we all let go and trust that everyone will be looking out for the good of each other. That we will eventually move from self-centered to heart-centered. What a simple, but foreign concept for humanity, huh? Sad to say that its so foreign. That we have to imagine and dream of a day that people would actually and genuinely care enough for others and trust that others would do the same for them.
Well, this EKATVA experiment we continue is in the same spirit. We don’t have any idea where and how we will pull this entire show and an upcoming global tour off –including the fundraising, the logistics, etc., but we do have lots of faith and confidence in the hearts of humanity. And that faith has just become stronger. The hearts of very compassionate chefs ( from San Francisco have reached out to help the EKATVA experiment.

A close friend of ours, Robin Sukhadia, an important leader in the Project Ahimsa organization and efforts (, connected our story with Ranjan Dey from the Compassionate Chefs Café organization. An organization who’s ultimate goal is to uplift the lives of underprivileged children in different parts of the Globe. Once they heard of the EKATVA mission, they connected with the experiment and are now helping support the snacks, local transportation costs and other costs involved in handling and managing a wholistic development program for the kids leading up to the training of and eventual performance of the EKATVA show.
This desire to help in our mission by the Compassionate Chefs Café, has given us even deeper faith in the process. Trusting, that as we continue marching on, all will unfold as it should. With this trust we keep walking with our flashlight, seeing only 15 feet in front of us, as we take a new step, we see the next few feet ahead.  One step at a time.
March on. With whatever you are doing. If you believe and trust in it, continue marching.

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