Tuesday, December 28, 2010


A great discussion took place today at prarthna.
Our daily prayer is the following:
Sathe Ramiye, Sathe Jamiye, Sathe Kariye Saara Kam.
We play together, we eat together, we do good work together.
Kayama Rahejo APANI Sathe,
God may you always be by OUR side
Gata, Gata Vasuta Shri Bhagvan.
God you are in every small particle in this great universe.
Ohm, Shanti, Shanti, Shanti.
Peace, Peace, Peace.
There are actually two ways the second line is said:
“God may you always be by OUR side”
God may you always be by EVERYONE’S side”
Today after prayer, Krishna asked out loud, “Sir, why do we say “God may you always be by everyone’s side” and everyone at school says “God may you always be by OUR side”.
What a great question, I thought to myself.  Jayeshbhai actually brought this change to our attention 3 months ago. We used to say ‘our’, but since he suggested the rightful change, over the past three months we changed it to ‘everyone’s’.
Going from me, my and ours to yours, ours and everyone’s is a big shift in thinking and living. Moving from self-centered to others-centered; moving from a national anthem to a global anthem; from human beings to all matter, from one belief to all beliefs. To see God in everyone and everything is EKATVA, is Oneness.
The discussion didn’t get so deep. It was enough just to explain that we should not just think of ourselves, but more importantly think of everyone, including strangers and people we don’t know. That’s just the right thing to do. The kids agreed J
Love All Serve All. 

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