Thursday, December 2, 2010

"How can we become professional dancers?"

...was a question posed by Bharti after practice today during prayer and sharing. The response that came from Bharat, Project Ahimsa director Robin Sukhadia, our Manav Sadhna volunteer Kathleen, and myself was 'Practice, Practice, Practice!'. The discussion led to an in-depth talk with our children on how seriously we should take everyday of practice that we have. The kids have agreed for me to carry a stick during practice. If there expressions are not strong or their poses and postures weak, then they have agreed that i can give them a friendly reminder with the stick :) . It is so important that they treat each practice as if it is the 'big show'. We have to pour passion into each ounce of practice...This will lead you on the path of becoming a professional 'dancer'.

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