Saturday, December 18, 2010

Our Spirited Father, Ishwar Dada

Our love and prayers are flowing towards Ishwar Dada, our founding father in the path of spirituality and selfless service. Ishwar Dada is the inspiration behind many of our local NGO’s here in Ahmedabad, including Manav Sadhna, Environmental Sanitation Institute, Gramshree, Seva CafĂ©, Harijan Sevak Trust and more. He’s truly the inspiration behind Jayeshbhai, Virenbhai and Anar Didi, that ones that have selflessly paved a unique path for hundreds and hundreds of beautiful souls on the path of service and thousands upon thousands of souls who are receiving their direct or indirect love daily.
Today we skipped practice. Ishwar Dada is tremendously ill in the hospital with a variety of complications so we wanted to bring our love and energy to him and the Sanjeevini  Hospital that he is staying at.
The plan was simple ;>
Make a big card for Ishwar Dada, with all the children’s handprints on it. Jagatbhai beautifully to the rescue. 
Walk to the hospital in dedication and prayer for Ishwar Dada’s health. The walk was a humble ode to his life. Ishwar Dada is known as Dr. Toilet, for he dedicated over 50 years of his life to work that most people considered only for untouchables, sanitation and cleaning. So Dharmaji carried a big plastic bag and the rest of us picked up all possible trash that we could find along our path to the hospital.

We also passed out chicki ladoo’s to many along our way, in celebration of Nitesh’s birthday. Many people along the sides of the road were observing us with curiosity.
All along, Madhuji was so beautifully capturing the moments with his camera. Thank you Madhuji!
Once we arrived to the hospital, we went straight up to the rooftop, where many of the nurses and staff followed us up, curious as to what we were doing, all 20 of us. We explained and they smiled. Madhu and Mam studios had arranged for spreading love throughout the hospital with yellow and white roses. The roses were provided as a result of children savings from AkshayPatra Savings Bottles made by MAM Studios and Earn n’ Learn kids. What a beautiful circle of giving. Our kids partnered with varying nurses at the hospital and went on to share the roses with patients and loved ones in the hospital.
We then all sat down together on the rooftop to write a heartfelt message on the card to Ishwar Dada and then all the kids signed it. While this was going on, we somehow managed to carry the printer and a laptop with us on our walk to the hospital so that we could print and cut out all the photos that were being taken by Madhuji and paste them on Ishwar Dada’s card during that very moment. The card was finally done. Nitesh, our birthday boy and Dipmala were sent downstairs to deliver the card to Ishwar Dada’s room. We did not want to bother him as he’s in critical condition, but it eventually turned out that Jayeshbhai invited all the children to share their glows and joy with Ishwar Dada for a short time.
Ishwar Dada is a true blessing;  a true spirit of God if we were to envision one. Amidst the 18 punctures in his body, various illnesses and infections, diabetes, 4 days without sleep, as he cannot lie down otherwise his breathing is blocked, and troubled breathing, he has attended to all his guests, shared loving advice and blessings with all and never complained once, but rather accepted his situation as what it should be and how it is, nothing more, nothing less. 
We were blessed to share this evening in spirit and love with him. And continue to feel and pray his health returns.

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