Thursday, December 16, 2010

The Magic of EKATVA

The magic of this EKATVA experiment, is that our children are being exposed to beautiful, amazing parts of the world, daily. Things they would never have heard of or seen otherwise.
Today was practice at Darpana Performing arts academy. This means that 14 of us pile in a car and the other 5 kids who are coming from a different slum area, meet us directly at Darpana. Upon our arrival to Darpana, we have all our kids line up in a single file line. Get to a space of silence and quietly walk ourselves to the back room near the Nutrani stage, where we all practice. The kids do give their attention and ‘Namaste’ to the security guard. If Mallika Didi or any other teachers are passing by, they will stop, bow down and touch the teachers’ feet with respect and continue to the back room. Before entering the room, we all remove our shoes or slippers and place them in a perfect line to the side of the door.
This time around as we were taking our shoes off, we heard a beautiful sound coming from within the room. It was the sweet sounds of an opera singer practicing for an upcoming show. Her name is Camille and she’s part of the Les Autres Musictheatre in Amsterdamn.

She was kind enough to allow us to enter the room and begin preparation for our practice. After an explanation of the EKATVA project and a little background on our kids, along with some of our kids pleasantly requesting her to share her talents with us, she most lovingly shared a part of a song she will be singing for the upcoming December 22nd show at Nutrani, Orfeo in India.
Our children were truly amazed ! How can such a powerful and beautiful voice come out of a human body ? We were all filled with great joy. Thank you for sharing Camille. After Camille’s performance, the kids took turns doing their own versions of opera singing.
Truly a blessing to have our kids be exposed to the world in this way.

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