Thursday, December 23, 2010


Final selection of the Kids took place today. A long journey it has been. From January 2010 to December 2010. From 250 of our slum children to 16. The kids range from a distinct set of slum areas, Rama Pir Nor Tekra, Shankarbhuvan Slum, Jamaalpur Slum, and few others.
We have finally  made final selections and are ready to embark upon yet another phase.
The objective categories we used to select our kids, aside from our intuition and time spent with all of them over the past year, are listed below in order of importance:
Their Team Player Attitude and nature
Their Studies and commitment to Schooling
Their overall attitude towards the entire EKATVA process and project so far
Extra Support they may need due to difficulties/obstacles they may have in their personal family life
Dancing Ability
Their Learning Aptitude
Expression/Acting Ability
Their family support
As one may notice, Dancing ability and acting ability were low on the list of importance as we got down to the final selection of kids. Though we really look forward to the theatrical production and the entire creative journey, its really the internal transformation of the team and in the individuals within that we hope to at least spark. Thus teamwork, studies and attitude are of extreme importance in the process.
Another important factor was looking at kids that have the potential, but have a tougher, more obstacle-filled family and financial status. Imagine that, how do you get to a tougher financial status or situation then the average slum income of two to three dollars a day. For example when Bharat and I went to go visit Dharmesh’s family, he led us to the side of a dirt road where is Mom and Dad were sitting on worn- out plastic bags, in the middle of a polluted and dusty road environment. Dharmesh, doesn’t have it easy, but he works hard. He was not a great fit in the beginning for us. He didn’t go to school, couldn’t even speak Gujarati clearly, didn’t have a great set of manners, etc. But slowly he’s developed some discipline, is getting more focused, attending school more regularly and we know if we just support his journey we can help him get to a better place.
This is the ultimate goal. Help the journey, enable positive transformation and empowerment. Plant seeds and nurture them. Let God bear the fruits.

Dipmala                Bhavnik
Priyanka               Gaurang
Chandini              Devram
Nikita                    Dharmaji
Bharti                    Vicky
Krishna                 Vishal
Payal                     Nitesh
Asha                      Sanjay

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